Fans demand removal of Pratik Sehajpal from Bigg Boss 15

Mumbai: Just a week since Bigg Boss 15’s premiere and viewers are already experiencing plenty of drama between the Junglewasis and Gharwasis. Bigg Boss OTT contestants — Pratik Sehajpal, Shamita Shetty and Nishant Bhat are leaving no stone unturned to make life hell for the 13 contestants who are staying in jungle. Fans are witnessing some horrendous fights between the contestants.

On day 3 itself, Pratik managed to make headlines after he broke a glass panel of the house leaving all the junglewasis nominated. This time around he has broken a bathroom lock while Vidhi Pandya was taking a bath.

In the promo clip released by Colors, Pratik breaks the latch of the washroom door of the garden area while Vidhi was still inside. She comes out and is seen complaining to Karan Kundrra and Jay Bhanushali and others. She then confronts Pratik.

Pratik in his defense says he doesn’t care if there’s someone inside the washroom or not and he did this for the ‘game.’ When Karan confronts Pratik about it, he says, “Don’t do this to a girl next time.” Pratik is then heard saying that he will hit someone and walk out of the show if his intentions are proven to be wrong. He also adds, “I am not sorry for this.”

While many fans supported Pratik over this controversy, a section of netizens are demanding his removal from Bigg Boss 15. Many are even finding all Bigg Boss OTT contestants as ‘irritating’. Check out the tweets below:

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