Ferrari to Bentley: SRH owner Kavya Maran’s expensive car collection

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Hyderabad: Kavya Maran, the owner of the Sun Risers Hyderabad (SRH) team in the Indian Premier League (IPL), has been a constant presence at SRH matches. With vibrant energy and infectious enthusiasm, she is often seen in the stands, cheering on her team. 

Her passion for cricket and support for SRH have made her a lucky charm among fans. The IPL 2024 season is set to be particularly memorable for Kavya and her team, as SRH is on track to score record-breaking runs, adding to the excitement surrounding the tournament.

Kavya Maran: A Glimpse into Her World

Kavya Maran comes from a notable family background, with her father, Kalanithi Maran, being a media mogul and the founder of Sun Group. This has allowed her to immerse herself in the world of sports and entertainment from a young age. As the CEO of Sun Risers Hyderabad, her dedication to the team is evident in every match she attends.

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Net Worth

According to multiple media reports, Kavya Maran’s estimated net worth is approximately Rs 409 crore.

Sun RIsers Hyderabad CEO Kavya Maran (Source: Twitter)

Kavya Maran’s Luxurious Car Collection

Apart from her love for cricket, Kavya Maran is also known for her penchant for swanky four-wheels. She has an impressive collection of luxury cars. Let’s take a look into her garage:

  • Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII EWB: Price: Rs. 12.2 crores
  • Bentley Bentayga LWB – Price: Rs. 6 crores
  • BMW i7- Price: Rs. 2.13 crores
  • Ferrari Roma- Price: Rs. 3.76 crores.

(The above list of cars and the prices mentioned are as per multiple media reports).

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