Firing outside Salman Khan’s home: Mumbai Crime Branch detains brother of accused

Hyderabad Desk

Mumbai: In a recent development regarding the firing incident outside actor Salman Khan’s residence on April 14, Mumbai Crime Branch has detained Sonu Gupta, brother of accused Vicky Gupta, with ongoing questioning, suspecting his involvement in the conspiracy, according to Mumbai Police sources.

The police revealed that the accused, Sagar Pal, was influenced by the gangster lifestyle and came in contact with a gang to fulfill his dream.

It is alleged that he received the contract for firing outside Salman Khan’s residence, being assured of substantial financial gain.

Describing the incident, Mumbai Police informed that on Sunday morning, two unidentified individuals on a two-wheeler opened fire outside Salman’s Bandra residence.

The perpetrators, with their faces concealed under helmets, executed the act in what appeared to be a meticulously planned attack.

Following the incident, the investigation has been transferred to the Mumbai Crime Branch, with over 10 teams deployed for a comprehensive probe.

Preliminary findings indicate a calculated attack, with the accused firing four rounds and a live cartridge recovered from the spot.

The city police affirmed their commitment to exploring all angles of the incident, striving to identify the culprits and ascertain their origins. Senior officials, led by the Deputy Commissioner of Police, promptly arrived at the scene to oversee proceedings.

As the investigation unfolds, further updates are awaited.

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