First update: Commoners too can participate in Bigg Boss 18?

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Mumbai: Fans of the popular reality show Bigg Boss are eagerly anticipating the upcoming seasons, with both Bigg Boss OTT 3 and Bigg Boss 18 generating buzz across the internet.

Bigg Boss OTT 3 is set to premiere exclusively on Jio Cinema and is expected to run for approximately two months, similar to last year’s format. Following this, BB 18 will arrive on television screens. The OTT version is likely to kick off in June, while the 18th season, promised to be bigger than ever, is slated to begin towards the end of September or the start of October.

While Bigg Boss OTT 3 has been dominating headlines in recent days, there’s an exciting update on Bigg Boss 18 that is sure to pique fans’ interest.

Bigg Boss 18 Big Update

Insiders close to the Bigg Boss show have disclosed that this year, the makers are planning to introduce a total of 18 contestants in BB 18. Among them, nine will be celebrities, and the remaining nine will be commoners just like Bigg Boss 10. The 2016 season featured a mix of celebrity and commoner contestants.

Although there’s been no official confirmation yet, if the information holds true, it means that common individuals will once again have the opportunity to participate in Bigg Boss 18 alongside celebrities.

As fans eagerly anticipate the forthcoming seasons, they will first have to keep a close eye on Bigg Boss OTT 3 which will be arriving first.

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