First wild card entry of Bigg Boss 17, is he Isha’s bf?

Mumbai: Bigg Boss 17, the popular reality show, has been making a lot of noise lately, thanks to its diverse mix of contestants and the daily surprises from Bigg Boss that keep everyone on their toes in the house.

Another exciting element of Bigg Boss is the introduction of wildcard entries. These are new contestants who join the show in between, adding more spice and changing the dynamics inside the house.

While fans have been eager to know which celebrity contestants will be the wild card entries in BB 17, we now have the name of the first wild card entrant, and it’s quite a surprise.

Bigg Boss 17 Wild Card Entry

Actor Samarth Jurel, who is rumored to be the boyfriend of Bigg Boss 17 contestant Isha Malviya, is all set to enter the show as the first wild card entry, as per latest updates.

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This development is likely to bring a lot of drama and tension to the show. It’s expected that Abhishek, another contestant in the house, might have a clash with Samarth over their feelings for Isha.

Abhishek has openly expressed that he still has feelings for Isha and hasn’t moved on. It remains to be seen how this new entry shakes things up on the show.

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