Gold chains to LV bags: Lavish gifts from Ambanis to their guests

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Mumbai: The Ambani family, known for their luxury and grandeur, left no stone unturned during the pre-wedding celebrations of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant held earlier this month. The three-day extravaganza in Jamnagar, Gujarat, was nothing short of a spectacle, attracting Bollywood stars, business leaders, and international artists.

Lavish Gifts From Ambanis

The Ambanis ensured that their guests were treated to an array of lavish and expensive gifts. According to GQ India report, here’s what the Ambani family generously gifted to their attendees.

Louis Vuitton Bags: Attendees received exclusive bags from the iconic luxury brand, Louis Vuitton. These designer bags are made with sophistication and elegance.

Gold Chains: As a mark of appreciation, guests were reportedly gifted gold chains. These timeless pieces of jewelry hold both budgetary and sentimental value.

Designer Footwear: The Ambanis didn’t shy away from giving their guests with designer shoes.

Nightwear: Even bedtime attire was luxurious! Guests received comfortable and stylish nightwear.

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In addition to the extravagant gifts, the Ambani family paid homage to Vantara, an animal rehabilitation center. Each guest received a custom-designed duffle bag created by the homegrown label, Bombay Artisan Co. These handcrafted bags, made from cruelty-free leather, featured hand-painted animal motifs and adjustable trolley wheels.

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The guests also received special candles from Sunrise Candle, a Mahabaleshwar-based company that employs visually impaired artists. These candles not only added warmth to the celebrations but also supported a noble cause.

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To honor their Indian heritage, the Ambanis commissioned skilled women artisans from Kachchh and Lalpur to weave Bandhani and Pethani scarves for their guests. These scarves showcased craftsmanship and reflected the rich textile traditions of India.

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A Celebration Fit for Royalty

Mukesh Ambani, the groom-to-be’s father and chairman of Reliance Industries, spared no expense in ensuring that Anant and Radhika’s pre-wedding celebration was a grand affair. According to a report in Daily Mail, the Ambanis have spent a whopping 1200 crores on this event.

Anant Ambani will marry Radhika Merchant, the daughter of industrialist Viren Merchant, on July 12th.

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