Govinda’s wife Sunita caught violating rules at Mahakal temple

Mumbai: Sunita Ahuja, the wife of renowned Bollywood actor Govinda, has landed herself in hot water following her recent visit to the Mahakal temple in Ujjain. The star wife was caught carrying a handbag into the temple’s sacred garbha-griha, clearly breaking temple rules.

Pictures of her praying while carrying the handbag have gone viral, with netizens wondering why such a major rule was not enforced.

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In response, Sandeep Soni, the temple administrator, has acknowledged the security violation and taken action against the officials responsible. 

Many people are perplexed as to why the violation went unnoticed and unaddressed during her visit. 

The Temple Administrator’s Response: 

The temple administrator, Sandeep Soni, has come forward to address the incident and provide an explanation. Sunita Ahuja entered the temple premises undetected because the security team was preoccupied at the entrance gate, according to Soni. He admitted the mistake and assured the public that appropriate action had been taken against the officials responsible for the lapse in security.