Hanu-Man roars onto OTT! Telugu version now Streaming on…

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: In an unexpected turn of events, the Telugu version of the blockbuster superhero film Hanu-Man has made its debut on streaming platforms. The film’s much-awaited digital premiere arrived as a delightful surprise for fans, catching them off guard with its sudden appearance on the OTT.

Director Prasanth Varma had previously issued a statement, urging audiences to remain patient as he worked tirelessly to resolve challenges that delayed the movie’s digital release. The delay was not intentional; rather, it was a result of the team’s commitment to delivering nothing but the best to their viewers. And today, It’s released on OTT finally.

Where to Watch?

Hanu-Man is now available for streaming exclusively on ZEE5, one of the leading OTT platforms. The film’s digital arrival came just a day after the Hindi version made its streaming debut on JioCinema The Telugu audience can now immerse themselves in the heroic saga of Hanu-Man, portrayed by the talented Teja Sajja, alongside the brilliant Amritha Aiyer.

A Phenomenal Theatrical Run

Hanu-Man clashed with Mahesh Babu‘s Guntur Kaaram both films released on January 12, 2024. Directed by Prasanth Varma. In its 12-day run, the film crossed the Rs. 250 crore mark globally. The film’s success led to the announcement of a sequel titled “Jai Hanuman”.

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