Here’s release date of Mahesh Babu and SS Rajamouli’s film

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Hyderabad: Few announcements can stir up a storm quite like the news of a collaboration between a superstar and SS Rajamouli. SSMB29, the working title for the upcoming film featuring Mahesh Babu and directed by SS Rajamouli, is one such project that has captured the imagination of audiences nationwide.

The Buzz and Speculation

The anticipation for SSMB29 is high, rumors about the cast and shooting details are widespread, yet the production house has maintained silence. This silence approach has only fueled the fire of curiosity, with speculation running wild on social media platforms and fan forums.

Despite Rajamouli’s reputation for extended production timelines, sources close to the director hint at a more streamlined process this time around. The latest buzz has it that the movie is expected to release around the first quarter of 2027, promising to be a cinematic event that could redefine the landscape of Tollywood.

Pre-Production Prowess

SS Rajamouli is said to be investing more time in pre-production for SSMB29. Known for his epics that take years to craft, Rajamouli’s approach suggests a commitment to perfection and a desire to exceed the high expectations set by his previous works.

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Mahesh Babu’s Transformation

Adding to the intrigue is the buzz around Mahesh Babu’s transformation for the film. Known for his suave looks and charismatic screen presence, Babu is reportedly undergoing a significant makeover. Director Rajamouli’s request for Babu to avoid public appearances has heightened the suspense, ensuring that the actor’s new look will be a dramatic reveal.

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