Hidden Truth: The reason behind Aamir Khan’s first divorce

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Mumbai: Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan’s personal life often grabs attention from his fans. His relationships and family matters have been a topic of curiosity over the years.

Aamir Khan first got married to Reena Dutta on April 18, 1986, and they were blessed with two children, Junaid and Ira. Their divorce in 2002 was peaceful, with no public disputes.

Later, on December 28, 2005, Aamir Khan married Kiran Rao, and they welcomed a son named Azad through surrogacy. However, after 15 years of marriage, Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao announced their divorce on July 3, 2021.

Video of Aamir Khan kissing ex-wife Kiran Rao at Ira's wedding goes viral

There were strong speculations that Aamir’s rumoured relationship with Kiran during the filming of “Lagaan” might have led to his divorce from Reena. However, in a recent interview, Kiran clarified that they actually started dating in 2004, not during the filming of “Lagaan.”

In a latest interview with Zoom, Kiran revealed that during the shooting of “Lagaan,” they hardly spoke to each other. They reconnected a few years later during the making of commercials with Ashutosh Gowariker. Their relationship began after the release of “Lagaan,” not during its filming.

“When Aamir and I started going out in 2004, everybody thought that this started when we were shooting for Lagaan and this caused the divorce, which was not the fact,” Kiran told the news portal.

Rumors of Aamir’s alleged romantic involvement with actresses like Pooja Bhatt, and model-British journalist Jessica Hines were also cited as contributing factors to the rift between him and Reena. However, the actual reason is still not known and Aamir never disclosed it.

Despite the separation, Aamir Khan continues to maintain an amicable relationship with both Reena and Kiran.

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