Hina Khan battles cancer: Her mother breaks down in new video

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Mumbai: Popular actress Hina Khan, known for her strong screen presence, has now become an inspiring figure off-screen as she battles Stage 3 breast cancer. In a new heartfelt video shared on Instagram, Hina showcased her bravery by cutting her hair short ahead of a chemotherapy session.

The emotional clip captures an emotional moment as Hina’s mother breaks down in tears. Her wailing voice can be heard in the background. Despite the emotional weight of the situation, Hina maintained a smile throughout, embodying a spirit of strength and positivity.

Watch: Hina Khan shares video from her first chemo session
Hina Khan (ANI)

Hina accompanied the video with a powerful note, reflecting on the challenging journey and the difficult decisions she has had to make. She wrote, “You can hear my mother’s wailing voice in Kashmiri (blessing me) in the background as she prepared herself to witness something she never dared to imagine. Not all of us have the same tools at our disposal to manage heartbreaking emotions.”

She continued, addressing fellow warriors battling similar struggles, “To all the beautiful people out there, especially women who are fighting the same battle, I know it’s hard, I know for most of us, our hair is the crown we never take off. But what if you’re facing a battle so tough that you have to lose your hair—your pride, your crown? If you want to win you’ve got to take some tough decisions. And I choose to win.”

She expressed her determination to face the challenge head-on, deciding to cut her hair before it began to fall out due to chemotherapy. “I have decided to give myself every chance possible to win this battle. I choose to let go of my beautiful hair before it starts falling off. I didn’t want to endure this mental breakdown for weeks. So, I choose to let go of my crown because I’ve realized my real crown is my COURAGE, my STRENGTH, and the love I have for myself.”

Hina also revealed her intention to use her hair to create a wig for this phase of her life. She concluded her note with a heartfelt intention to share her journey, hoping that her story might provide solace and strength to others facing similar challenges. “I am recording my story, my journey, to ensure that my efforts to embrace myself reach everyone out there. If my story can make even one day of this heartwarming yet excruciating experience better for someone, it’s worth it.”

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Hina’s video has received an outpouring of support from colleagues and fans. Fellow actress Gauahar Khan expressed her wishes, “Inallaaha maa as Sabreen! It’s all gonna be good. May Allah make it easy for you, and give you shifa! Ameen.” Mouni Roy wrote, “Strong & the most stunning always,” while actor Rohan Mehra commented, “You still look the prettiest.”

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