Hyderabad: List of demands of protesting cine workers

Hyderabad: More than 20,000 cine workers laid siege to the office of the Telugu Film Industry Employees Federation in Jubilee Hills to demand a 45 percent increase in wages, on Wednesday.

The workers’ unions, comprising 24 crafts of cinema, stated that they have been demanding revision in wages for the past six months and also said that they have cooperated with filmmakers in view of COVID-19. However, due to no proper response from the Telugu Film Chamber, they have now called for indefinite strike.

They said since the film industry has recovered from the impact of Covid and has produced some big hits including pan-India movies, the Telugu Film Chamber should take the initiative and address their long-pending demand.

Telugu cine workers’ demands

According to a report in Filmy Focus, these are the demands of Telugu cine workers:

  1. The cleaning and production crew currently earns Rs. 1145 giving and an increase of 30 percent to Rs. 1488 is being asked by the union. They also demand breakfast, lunch, and pick up facilities.
  2. If the cleaning and production crew work on Sundays and public holidays, they demand Rs. 2977 as compared to the current wage of Rs. 2290.
  3. Drivers currently earn Rs. 1055 giving and are asking a hike to Rs. 1362. Breakfast and lunch should also be arranged.
  4. If working on Sundays and public holidays they currently earn Rs. 2110 and demand Rs. 2743.
  5. Lightmen earn Rs. 1110 and are demanding an increase to Rs. 1440.
  6. If they work on Sundays and holidays they demand Rs. 2860 as compared to their current earnings of Rs. 2200 are receiving.
  7. The current salary of fighters and dancers is Rs. 3265 and Rs. 2800, respectively. The workers’ union is asking for an increase to Rs. 4244 for the former and Rs. 3640 for the latter.

At present, the protesters have left the Federation office after an assurance by the leaders that they will ensure a 30 percent hike but it was immediately not clear if they will resume work. A clear action from the Telugu Film Chamber is awaited.

(With inputs from agencies)