Imran Khan’s witty response to a fan questioning his finances

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Mumbai: Bollywood actor Imran Khan has embarked on a journey not just of self-discovery but also of architectural creation. Away from the silver screen for a significant period, Khan has turned his attention to a personal and ambitious project—a house that he has designed himself.

The news of his new abode caught the public’s eye when Khan shared photos on his official Instagram. With each image, he unveiled the process of building a house that was not just a structure but a reflection of his journey. The actor detailed his hands-on approach, from selecting the unique site to closely working with his contractor and structural engineer on his home’s architecture and interior design.

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However, it wasn’t the pictures that sparked widespread conversation but rather a comment from a user, questioning the source of Khan’s finances for such an endeavor. The query pointed and tinged with doubt, was met with a response from Khan that was both witty and revealing. “I acted in a few movies back in the mid-2000s,” he replied, a nod to his successful career in Bollywood that provided the means for his current pursuits.

Imran Khan’s reply resonated with netizens, earning praise for its simplicity and humor. It was a reminder that the actor, despite a break from films, had not faded into lack of fame but had instead chosen a path less step, one that allowed him to explore his creative inclinations beyond the realm of cinema.

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