Irrfan Khan’s 4th death anniversary: 6 must-watch movies that showcase his cinematic legacy

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Mumbai: While commemorating the anniversary of Irrfan Khan’s passing, one cannot help but recall not only his immense talent but also the impact he made on the world of cinema.

Irrfan Khan transcended the role of mere actor; he was a master who brought every character he portrayed to life, leaving an enduring mark on audiences worldwide. Today, homage is paid to this extraordinary artist by revisiting his remarkable body of work and contemplating the legacy he has left behind.

1. The Lunchbox (2013): In this poignant romantic drama, Irrfan Khan plays the role of Saajan Fernandes, a lonely office worker who strikes up an unexpected friendship with a woman through a lunchbox mix-up. His nuanced portrayal captures the character’s loneliness, longing, and eventual emotional awakening, earning widespread critical acclaim.

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2. Maqbool (2003): Directed by Vishal Bhardwaj, this adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth sees Irrfan Khan in the titular role of Maqbool, a loyal but ambitious underworld henchman. His portrayal of the conflicted protagonist navigating power struggles and moral dilemmas earned him widespread praise for his intensity and depth.

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3. Life of Pi (2012): In Ang Lee’s visually stunning adaptation of Yann Martel’s novel, Irrfan Khan plays the adult Pi Patel who recounts his incredible journey of survival at sea to a writer. Through his narration, Khan infuses the character with wisdom, introspection, and a profound sense of spirituality, leaving a lasting impact on the audience.

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4. Paan Singh Tomar (2012): Portraying the real-life athlete turned dacoit, Irrfan Khan delivers a powerhouse performance in this biographical drama. His portrayal of the titular character, who turns to a life of crime after facing injustice, is both gritty and empathetic, earning him critical acclaim and a National Film Award for Best Actor.

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5. The Namesake (2006): Based on Jhumpa Lahiri’s novel, this Mira Nair film explores the complexities of identity and belonging through the journey of an Indian-American family. Irrfan Khan shines in the role of Ashoke Ganguli, a loving and introspective father whose quiet strength and wisdom anchor the narrative.

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6. Piku (2015): In this heartwarming comedy-drama, Irrfan Khan plays Rana Chaudhary, a pragmatic taxi company owner who finds himself entangled in the eccentricities of the titular character’s family dynamics. Khan’s effortless charm and subtle humour complement the film’s slice-of-life narrative, making his performance a standout.

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These movies, among others in Irrfan Khan’s illustrious filmography, exemplify his ability to inhabit diverse characters with authenticity, depth, and emotional resonance, solidifying his legacy as one of Indian cinema’s finest actors.

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