Is Bigg Boss 17 scripted? Hyderabad’s Arun Bhai reveals

Mumbai: Bigg Boss 17 which commenced on October 15, has been captivating audiences with its 17 contestants, all engaged in a range of tasks and trials. Over the years, viewers and critics have frequently accused the show of being pre-planned, including eliminations, nominations, tasks, and even the selection of the winner.

In one of the recent episodes of Bigg Boss 17, contestant Arun Srikanth, who hails from Hyderabad, has addressed the persistent claims that the popular reality show hosted by Salman Khan is scripted. In a candid conversation with his co-contestants Vicky Jain and Soniya Bansal, Arun spoke about challenges and daily struggles faced by contestants within the Bigg Boss house, highlighting that the show is far from scripted and everything is unpredictable.

Arun Srikanth shared a clip of the same on his Instagram account, in which he candidly discusses the challenges including the division of ration and food, as well as the responsibility of cleaning and cooking for themselves.

“Naa dhone aara na dhulaane aara, na khana pakaane aara, ammaah Bigg Boss bhot bada challenge hai. Qasam khuda ki bolru mein. Logan TV mein dekh k bolre hunge, yeh saale scripted karre. Baigan scripted nai hai, andar aao maalum hota. Aur upar se raation mein batwaara, andon ki ladlerein, yeh sab scripted dikhra hunga, haqeeqat hai yeh,” says Arun in his Hyderabadi slang leaving both Vicky and Soniya in splits.

Arun Srikanth also said that the true nature of Bigg Boss can only be understood once someone is inside the house, where they must navigate the complexities of daily life and interpersonal relationships.

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