Ishq Murshid last episode: Shibra and Shahmeer to part ways?

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Islamabad: The Pakistani drama series ‘Ishq Murshid’ initially gained widespread popularity in both India and Pakistan, captivating audiences with its unique blend of fairytale, politics, and more. With its first 25 episodes, the drama successfully transported viewers to a fantasy world, led by the stellar performances of Bilal Abbas Khan in the dual roles of Shahmeer Sikandar and Fazal Bakhsh.

The on-screen chemistry between Bilal and Durefishan Saleem, who plays Shibra, along with the infusion of light-hearted comedy and the rich cultural backdrop of Sindh, contributed to the drama’s mega-hit status.

However, as the drama progressed, viewers began to feel that the storyline was being stretched thin, leading to a decline in interest.

Ishq Murshid Episode 30 Latest Update

In the recent episodes, we saw Shibra and Shahmeer’s marriage being hit by rough patch. This has now left fans speculating about the fate of their relationship and audience now wonder if the onscreen couple will call it quits?

Here’s why the rumours are rife.

The second-to-last episode (episode 30) aired last night on April 28 unveiled a major twist with the sudden demise of Suleman (Shibra’s father) a beloved character in the series. This unexpected turn of events has left viewers shocked and disappointed, as Suleman played a pivotal role in the narrative.

Shibra is angry on Shahmeer because of his inability to help out her father, who was embroiled in a corruption case. Shibra’s decision to leave Shahmeer’s house and stay with her mother has added fuel to these speculations. Well, audience want a good end to the drama now.

With the series finale set to premiere in cinemas on May 3rd followed by a release on YouTube and television on May 5th, audiences are eagerly awaiting what the makers has in store for them in the last episode. Let’s wait and watch.

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