Jaan E Jahan: Ayeza Khan aka Mahnoor’s salary per episode

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Islamabad: Drama series ‘Jaan E Jahan’ is among a few ongoing Pakistani serials that has been capturing the hearts of audiences, particularly in India, with its captivating storyline and stellar performances. Starring Ayeza Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi in the lead roles, the drama premiered in December 2023 and has since garnered immense popularity, completing 28 episodes to date.

In the series, Ayeza Khan portrays the character of Mahnoor Rauf, while Hamza Ali Abbasi essays the role of Shehram Murad Shah. The storyline revolves around the intense love between the two lead stars — Mahnoor and Shehraam, who face numerous obstacles in their path.

Ayeza Khan’s Fee Per Episode

Amid the drama’s success, fans have been curious about Ayeza Khan’s remuneration for her role in Jaan E Jahan. Known as one of the highest-paid actresses in the Pakistani entertainment industry, she reportedly commands a hefty fee ranging from 6 to 6.5 lakh (PKR) per episode. Given her popularity and stature, it’s expected that her compensation for Jaan E Jahan falls within the same range.

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Prior to Jaan E Jahan, Ayeza Khan garnered acclaim for her performance in another hit Pakistani drama, ‘Mein,’ where she starred alongside Wahaj Ali in the lead role.

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