Jiya Shankar suffering from serious mental health issues?

Hyderabad Desk

Mumbai: Popular Bigg Boss OTT 2 contestant Jiya Shankar has recently shared a candid revelation about her ongoing battle with mental health challenges amidst personal difficulties. Known for her active presence on social media, the actress took to her platform to drop a quick update about her mental health journey through tough times.

Jiya Shankar, who frequently updates her fans about both her personal and professional life, faced a tough period in recent weeks as her mother, Surekha Gavli, was hospitalized. However, on April 11, Jiya shared a positive update, announcing her mother’s recovery and expressing gratitude for the overwhelming support and well wishes from her fans.

In her latest post, Jiya bravely opened up about experiencing multiple mental breakdowns amidst the challenging days. She shared, “Don’t even remember in these last few days how many mental breakdowns I’ve had and gone back to normal like nothing happened. #thistooshallpass.”

Jiya Shankar’s revelation garnered an outpouring of support and strength from concerned fans and followers, who rallied behind her with words of encouragement.

Beyond her stint on Bigg Boss OTT 2, Jiya Shankar has left her mark in the television industry with roles in popular shows such as Laal Ishq, Kaatelal & Sons, and Pishachini. Post BB OTT 2, Jiya continued to engage her audience by featuring in the music video Judaiyaan alongside Abhishek Malhan.

Additionally, she showcased her versatility by playing a parallel lead role in the successful Marathi film Ved.

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