Jr NTR to host THIS show

Hyderabad: Imagine being captivated by someone’s oratory abilities as they speak to a crowd with such charisma and passion that you can’t help but pay attention to every word. That is the magnetic energy that Jr. NTR, one of the few Tollywood movie heroes with such qualities, brings to the table. And now he might be making his way back to television.

NTR’s television debut with Bigg Boss Telugu’s first season was a huge success, leaving viewers wanting more. While he did not return for the subsequent seasons, he did make a comeback in 2021 with the critically acclaimed show Evaru Meelo Koteeshwarulu. Despite its popularity, NTR’s hectic schedule made it difficult for him to continue, leaving fans disappointed.

However, rumours are circulating that ETV, a prominent channel, has approached NTR with an exciting new proposition: a large conversation show on their OTT platform, ETV Win. So far, this platform has seen the release of a few original films and TV episodes, but they have yet to gain widespread popularity. ETV hopes to increase their subscriber base and make a splash in the industry by bringing on the magnetic presence of Jr. NTR.

NTR and the ETV organisation have a long history of collaboration. Ramoji Rao, the owner of ETV, actually produced NTR’s debut film, Ninnu Choodalani. With such a strong bond between them, NTR is likely to accept this exciting new opportunity.

However, with such a hectic schedule, it is unclear how NTR will fit this show into his already packed schedule. We’ll have to wait for a formal confirmation to find out if this exciting collaboration will take place. Meanwhile, the prospect of Jr. NTR enthralling audiences with his commanding presence and oratory skills is simply thrilling.