Kajol’s cryptic reply after she’s trolled for old post about her being rude

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Mumbai: Actress Kajol, who is being recently trolled on social media for allegedly being rude to an autistic boy, shared a cryptic post on Tuesday, saying ‘when you aren’t ready for that level of nonsense and need a minute to recalibrate’.

The backlash stemmed from a viral post on Reddit, where a user recounted an incident involving his/her brother.

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Bollywood actor Kajol

The post, which was posted years ago, read: “I love my brother so much, he is on the autism spectrum, so life has been really hard for him, until a few years ago. People finally began accepting him for who he was, and he got to work at a high-end restaurant in Juhu, where people encouraged him to work. He had been really, really happy with his job for the past few months, until yesterday. He is a huge fan of Kajol. And usually sees a single film of hers on repeat (either ‘Dilwale’ or ‘My Name Is Khan’) and that brings him joy. Yesterday, Kajol came with a couple of friends to the restaurant where he worked, and he was overjoyed. He usually gets back-end duties because he is good with numbers, but they allowed him to handle the bill once the dinner was finished.”

The note further read: “All he wanted to say was that Kajol brought him a lot of happiness and that he wished the best for her future. My brother was overwhelmed and started crying, but all she did was say, ‘hogaya? Ab nautanki ban karo aur bill loh’. And she complained to the manager about employing people like him. From the bottom of my heart, F*** you Kajol. You couldn’t even say thank you. It’s not like he interrupted you while you were eating. I hope and pray no one treats you like you treated my brother, and you will have more awareness about what my brother is going through in the future. A lot of celebrities have come to the restaurant he works in, some even bigger than you, but guess what? A large number of them might have demands but are at least not insufferable like you.”

“For once in my life, my brother felt good about having a job in a society like India, which doesn’t even understand or respect my brother’s condition. Now he feels really shy about talking to anyone else. I am super pissed at you and you alone,” it added.

In response to the online trolling and the viral post, Kajol shared a quirky photo of herself making a confused face.

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Along with the picture, she wrote a cryptic note, which read: “When you aren’t ready for that level of nonsense and need a minute to recalibrate #honestyday #givemeaminute.”

On the work front, Kajol was last seen as Devyani in ‘Lust Stories 2’, and Noyonika Sengupta in the web series ‘The Trial’.

She next has ‘Sarzameen’, ‘Do Patti’, and ‘Maa’ in her kitty.

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