Kangana Ranaut’s wedding on cards? Reddit post goes viral

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Mumbai: Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has carved a niche for herself in the industry with her power-packed performances and some commercially hit films. Apart from her professional life, she also makes headlines for her personal life. Fans are curious to know about when the actress will get married. 

Kangana keeps her private affairs well-guarded. However, the recent online buzz has sparked rumours about her potential wedding in the coming months.

Kangana Ranaut’s Wedding Rumours

Recently, an anonymous user on Reddit, claiming to be well familiar with Kangana Ranaut, shared interesting news about her impending marriage but now the post has been deleted. The post hinted that Kangana might soon tie the knot and that she’s having a beautiful saree specially crafted by unconventional fashion designers for her wedding. However, the post remained silent about the identity of her to be soon partner.


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Kangana’s Thoughts On Marriage

In an interview with Times Now, Kangana expressed her views on marriage. She revealed, “Every girl dreams of her marriage and having a family. I am a complete family person; it holds immense importance to me. I aspire to be married and start a family within the next five years. Ideally, I’d prefer a blend of arranged and love marriage.”

Reflecting on past relationships, Kangana shared, “Success in relationships isn’t guaranteed. Sometimes, not achieving that success at a young age can be a blessing. I was so determined to make a particular relationship work that, had it continued, I would have devoted all my years to it. Fortunately, that relationship didn’t work out, and in hindsight, I believe it was divine protection.”

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The Buzz Continues

Recently, Kanagan was seen smiling and holding hands with a foreigner as she stepped out of a salon. The paparazzi captured the moment and shared it on social media, where netizens were quick to react. Some fans expressed happiness for Kangana, while others speculated about the identity of her new beau. Some even called him ‘jijaji’.

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