Kareena Kapoor Khan said a big NO to work with Emraan Hashmi?

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Mumbai: Bollywood powerhouse Kareena Kapoor Khan recently spilled the beans on a past decision she made during an interview on Neha Dhupia’s No Filter Neha season 6. The actress, known for her iconic roles in films like Geet and Poo, revealed that she once turned down a film because due to her co-star.

In a candid admission, Kareena confirmed that she rejected the project because she didn’t like the actor she was supposed to share the screen with. However, Kareena did not reveal the project and actor’s name.

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After her video interview went viral, fans started connecting the dots and dug out old speculations and reports about Bebo rejecting a movie with Emraan Hashmi.

The incident dates back to 2012-13 when the actress was reportedly offered a huge film by renowned filmmakers Karan Johar and Ekta Kapoor. The catch? Emraan Hashmi was set to play the male lead. Reports at that time suggested that Kareena declined the offer, with speculations pointing towards Emraan’s on-screen persona as an alleged ‘serial kisser’ and differences in their star status.

Kareena Kapoor Khan refused to work with Emraan Hashmi, why?
Kareena Kapoor Khan and Emraan Hashmi (Instagram)

Whether it was due to these reasons or others, Kareena’s refusal to work with Emraan has remained a topic of interest.

As of now, the duo has not collaborated on any project, leaving fans curious about the reasons behind Kareena’s decision. The actress continues to be a force in the Indian film industry, with a career spanning over two decades, but her candid revelation adds an intriguing chapter to the stories of stars and their selective choices in the world of Bollywood.

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