KJo about fillers, botox: ‘Exterior badal bhi jaaye, fitrat nahi badalti’

Hyderabad Desk

Mumbai: Filmmaker Karan Johar has shared some pearls of wisdom on fillers, botox and going under-the-knife for changing the exterior.

Karan took to his Instagram stories and shared a hilarious lengthy note in Hindi talking about changing the external body.

The filmmaker wrote: “Fillers laga lo fulfilment nahin milti…Make up laga lo umar hai ghat thi (Applying fillers doesn’t bring fulfillment… applying makeup doesn’t make you younger).”

Karan added: “Karlo jitna bhi Botox, lagoge jaise madhumakkhi ne kaat liya… Naak badalne se gand itar nahi banti (No matter how much Botox you do, you’ll end up looking like a fly stung you).”

“Going under the knife se exterior badal bhi jaaye… Lekin meri jaan…Fitrat nahi badalti (Going under the knife will only change your exterior and not your nature).”

On the work front, it has been reported that Karan is working on the third instalment of ‘Student Of The Year’, which will be made into a series for OTT.

The third instalment will be directed by Reema Maya, known for her critically acclaimed short film ‘Nocturnal Burger’.

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