Know why SRK is staying away from media and paparazzi

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Mumbai: In the busy world of Bollywood, where fame can sometimes invade privacy, Shah Rukh Khan’s decision to stay out of the media spotlight has made fans and followers curious and worried. King Khan, known for being charming and friendly with the press, suddenly stepping back was unusual and caused people to wonder why.

The reason behind this change in behavior was recently revealed by a Mumbai paparazzo, Varinder Chawla, who shared an affecting encounter with the superstar. Chawla’s team had unintentionally crossed a line, leading to an unexpected phone call from Khan himself.

The Incident That Changed It All

The incident happened after the 2023 release of Pathaan, a movie that marked SRK’s return to acting after some time off. Chawla’s team, in their eagerness to film the star, took a video that felt like it went too far. When Chawla realized this, they contacted King Khan’s team to say sorry and chose not to share the video.

A Call from the SRK 

To Chawla’s surprise, he received a call back not just from the PR team but from Shah Rukh Khan himself. During their conversation, the superstar expressed his gratitude for Chawla’s consideration and opened up about his protective instincts as a father. 

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The conversation was a rare glimpse into the private life of a public figure, revealing the depth of Khan’s love for his children and the pain he felt over the negative media attention surrounding his son, Aryan Khan, during past legal troubles.

On the professional front, SRK will soon start shooting for his next project with his daughter Suhana Khan, titled “King.”

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