KRK demands 25 lakh for not giving negative movie reviews, audio leaked; listen here

Mumbai: Actor and self-proclaimed critic Kamaal Rashid Khan aka KRK has been making headlines for nearly two months now for his legal battle with superstar Salman Khan. KRK was slammed with a defamation lawsuit by the actor post Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai’s release.

Not just this, the superstar but also got an interim order against him which prohibits KRK from saying anything about the Bollywood star. While the self-proclaimed critic claims that Salman has sued him for his review of Radhe, Khan’s spokesperson on the other hand said that the case has been filed for his claims about the actor and his NGO.

Now, in an audio that is going viral on social media, KRK can be heard demanding 25 Lakh rupees for not giving negative film reviews. Actor, producer and businessman Rohit Choudhary shared a shocking video on his Twitter handle recently. He posted a call recording of KRK so as to expose his real face. He called him the “biggest blackmailer of the Indian film industry” who charges a huge amount for not indulging in “negative publicity” of films.

In the call recording, it can be clearly heard that KRK demanded Rs 25 lakh from director-producer Anil Sharma for one of his movies. However, when Rohit tried negotiating with him, he reduced the price by Rs 5 lakh and agreed at a final amount of Rs 20 lakh.

Listen full audio here:

Following this shocking revelation, #KRKBlackMailer started trending on Twitter and many people expressed their shock and disgust.