Kushal Tandon slams Bigg Boss OTT 3, ‘Cringe contestants, cringe rules’

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Mumbai: Bigg Boss OTT 3 is making headlines after a recent controversy involving contestants Armaan Malik and Vishal Pandey. The trouble started when Armaan slapped Vishal for a comment he made about Armaan’s wife, Kritika Malik. Vishal had called Kritika ‘beautiful’ during a conversation with Luv Kataria in one of the episodes.

Despite the incident, Armaan was not eliminated from the show. Instead, he was nominated for the entire season. This decision has sparked outrage among fans and celebrities who support Vishal and are demanding Armaan’s immediate removal for breaking the show’s biggest rule.

Kushal Tandon Reacts

Kushal Tandon, a former Bigg Boss contestant who was also ousted from Bigg Boss 7 in 2013 for aggression towards Andy, has joined Gauahar Khan in supporting Vishal and calling for Armaan’s elimination.

In one tweet, the actor wrote, “Ek time tha Bigg boss use to be so good , ab Ek ye time hain cringe contestants , cringe content ….. and ab Bigg boss ke cringe rules ageya , chataaaa maroooo content ke naaam pain..”

Check out his tweets below.

Gauahar questioned on Instagram Stories, “Toh kya married logon ko sundar bolna bhi gunah hai!!!!!????? Kuch bhi. (Is it a crime to call married people beautiful. Doesn’t make sense).”

Armaan Malik’s Slap Incident

The situation escalated when Armaan’s first wife, Payal Malik, revealed on the show that Vishal had admitted to liking Kritika and feeling remorseful about it. Despite being reprimanded by Anil and Armaan, Vishal denied making the statement.

When Armaan asked Luv to repeat Vishal’s words about Kritika, he became angry and slapped Vishal. Other housemates intervened to prevent further physical altercation, but tensions remained high.

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