Liger: Multiplex owner blames Vijay Deverakonda for facing loss

Mumbai: And the dry spell for Bollywood continues as yet another film faces a disastrous response at the box office. Tollywood superstar Vijay Deverakonda who marked his Bollywood debut with the Dharma Production film Liger on August 25, fell flat on his face as the film opened to a slow response which continues to drop.

While critics have been giving Liger mixed reviews, a majority of the audience seems to have given it a miss owing to the #BoycottLigerMovie trend on Twitter.

For the unversed, in an interview recently, Vijay Deverakonda supported Aamir Khan and spoke against the boycott of Laal Singh Chaddha. Ever since then, his film Liger was boycotted on Twitter. To make the matters worse, Vijay responded to the trend and said he was not scared of it.

Well, Vijay’s confidence has now subjected him to brutal backlash from a multiplex owner.

Manoj Desai, Mumbai’s Gaiety Galaxy’s owner has faced a huge loss in advance bookings of Liger and he now blames it on Vijay Deverakonda and his confidence.

In a YouTube video, Manoj slammed the actor, “Why are you showing smartness by saying ‘Boycott our movie’? People won’t even watch on OTT. Such behaviour of yours has put us in trouble and impacting our advance bookings. Mr Vijay, you are anaconda not ‘Konda Konda’. You are talking like an anaconda. ‘Vinaash kaale vipareet buddhi’, when the time of destruction inches closer, the mind stops working, and you are doing that. anyways, it’s your wish.”

He further dragged in Akshay Kumar and Aamir Khan and said, “Mr Vijay, it seems, you have become arrogant, ‘Watch the movie or if you don’t wish to then don’t watch’, haven’t you seen its impact. If the audience will not watch, see what Taapsee Pannu, Aamir Khan and Akshay Kumar are going through.”

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