List of most expensive bags owned by Ambani ladies

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Mumbai: The Ambani family is known for their love of luxury, excessive spending, and extravagant parties. When it comes to expensive tastes and living large, no one does it quite like them. Their weddings are often grand – think new levels of lavishness. They’re very much a part of India’s elite social circle with each family member having luxurious possessions: think clothes, jewelry – and lots of designer handbags!

Let’s delve into some of the priciest handbags belonging to the Ambani family women, showcasing their penchant for exquisite fashion accessories:

1) Hermes Neige Faubourg

Nita Ambani – Price Tag: Rs. 3.2 crore

2) Himalaya Birkin Handbag

Nita Ambani – Price Tag: Rs. 2.6 crore

3) Silver Hermes Kelly Morphose

Radhika Merchant – Price Tag: Rs. 1.9 crore

4) Hermes Kelly Bubblegum Pink

Radhika Merchant – Price Tag: Rs. 1.6 Crore

5) Red Hermes Mini Kelly Bag

Shloka Mehta- Price Tag: Rs. 34.5 lakh

6) Chanel Doll Clutch Bag

Isha Ambani- Price Tag: Rs. 25 lakh

7) Lady Dior Mini Alligator Skin Handbag

Isha Ambani and Radhika Merchant- Price Tag: Rs. 21.6 lakh

The Ambani family went all out when it came to showering their guests with extravagant gifts during the pre-wedding festivities of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant. Custom-designed Louis Vuitton bags, gold chains, designer footwear, and nightwear apparel were just a few examples.

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