List of temples dedicated to south actresses by their fans

Hyderabad: Cinema and politics! For the people of Tamil Nadu, these two things have always been very close to their hearts. Fans have built temples for their favorite South Indian actresses, and they are even now considered Goddesses in various places by their fans. As an act of worship, the fans of various actors in South India have created idols, built temples, and gave liters of milk on their birthdays.

Meanwhile, we have seen people constructing temples in the name of Gods, great freedom fighters, political leaders, etc. But have you seen fans building temples in the name of their favourite actresses? Yes, you heard it right! Building temples is a Kollywood tradition; over the years, the die-hard fans of a few actresses have built temples to worship their favourite actress.

Now, let’s take a look at the list of actresses for whom temples have been built by their fans:

1. Khushboo Sunder

Khushboo made her film debut in 1988 in the Tamil movie Dharmathin Thalaivan. After that, she appeared in a lot of south Indian movies and quickly gained fame. Khushboo Sunder is renowned for being the first actress in Kollywood to have a temple named after her built by her fans. It didn’t last for a very long time because of her controversial speech on premarital intimacy.

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2. Namitha

Namitha, an actress who primarily works in the three major languages of Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada, was born on May 10, 1981, in Gujarat. When Namitha was at the peak of her stardom in 2008, a devotee built her a temple in Tamil Nadu, making her the second actress to have a temple built in her honour after Khushboo.

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3. Hansika Motwani

Over the past ten years or more, Hansika Motwani has been associated in the film industry. People began comparing Hansika to actress Khushbu Sundar after she entered the Kollywood industry with the movie Padikathavan. At that time, her supporters intended to build a temple in Madurai. The opportunity to make history after Khusbhoo and Namitha was lost because she rejected the notion.

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4. Nayanthara

A few years ago, there was a rumour that Lady Superstar Nayanthara would have a temple constructed in her honor. When fans contacted the actress to ask for her approval to construct the temple. She generously declined their kind offer. She humorously portrayed the goddess in the Tamil movie Mookuthi Amman last year.

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5. Niddhi Agarwal

Nidhi Agerwal, the Eeshwaran Beauty, only entered the Tamil entertainment industry two years ago. However, her fans in Chennai have dedicated a temple to her due to the enormous craze she has generated. On February 14, her supporters opened the temple and performed a special pooja.The actress expressed her gratitude to her fans and was overjoyed by the gesture.

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