Makers have ‘fixed’ first finalist of Bigg Boss 16, say fans

Mumbai: Bigg Boss 16 has been one of the most anticipated shows of the year. With finale week approaching, fans are thrilled to know who will become the top finalists of Salman Khan-hosted show. However, fans are now alleging that the makers have already ‘fixed’ the first finalist. It is none other than Nimrit Kaur Ahulwalia.

It all started after Bigg Boss gave contestant Nimrit ‘captaincy’ of the house along with ‘Ticket to Finale.’ He asked the other housemates to fight for the captaincy to win ticket to the finale from Nimrit. Viewers of Bigg Boss 16 have expressed their disappointment and frustration with this development. Many are claiming that the program’s makers have been favoring Nimrit because she is Colors TV’s face.

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BB fans are taking to social media to voice their displeasure and have even confronted the program’s producers, calling for the show’s trophy to be given to Nimrit outright.

Meanwhile, the first Ticket To Finale battle is between Shiv Thakare and Nimrit. Polls and opinions on social media suggest that Shiv will become the first finalist of Bigg Boss 16. However, given the above accusations of ‘fixing’ there is so much uncertainity in the house and it remains to see who will grab their spot in the finale.

What’s your take on this? Is Bigg Boss being biased towards Nimrit? Comment below.