‘MasterChef India’: Kunal Kapur announces ‘Mystery Box Challenge’

Mumbai: Chef and restaurateur Kunal Kapur, who is all set to grace the upcoming episode of ‘MasterChef India’ as a guest judge, will be announcing the biggest mystery box challenge in the history of the show.

The competition on MasterChef India has reached a fever pitch as the show zeroes in on its top 12 contestants. Chef Kunal Kapur’s expertise and experience brings an electrifying energy to the ‘Mystery Box Challenge’. Inside every box lies a single ingredient and an appliance.

The challenge is as unique as it is intimidating: create a dish using the assigned appliance and make the chosen ingredient the star of the show. Creativity, innovation, and culinary prowess will be put to the ultimate test as contestants will race against time to concoct their masterpieces.

Talking about the Mystery Box Challenge, Kunal said: “Cooking is not just about following a recipe, it is about embracing the mystery of flavours and innovating. The Mystery Box Challenge is much more than what is inside the box, it is about uncovering the unexpected and creating something extraordinary out of it.”

“It is an opportunity for contestants to let their creativity run wild. I believe every ingredient has a story to tell – it is up to them to narrate it on the plate. I cannot wait to see the contestants rise to the occasion and present dishes that will truly astonish,” he added.

The show features Chef Vikas Khanna, Chef Ranveer Brar, and Chef Pooja Dhingra as the judges.

It streams on Sony LIV.