‘Meet SRK, send parents to Haj..’, Abdu Rozik lists his wishes

Mumbai: Bigg Boss 16 contestant Abdu Rozik has amassed a huge fan following in India and he is loved by almost all Indians. His singing style and cute smile are something that make the day of many people. Abdu is followed by more than 7 million people on Instagram and is considered the cutest celebrity in India.

The Tajikistani singer recently attended the Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Awards 2023. After the event, he later interacted with the media and revealed his wishes. When ‘Instant Bollywood‘ reporter asked about his dream, Abdu replied that sending his father and mother to Haj is the first wish he wants to fulfil soon.

In the video, Abdu Rozik is seen saying “So, in my life, I have three dreams, first I want to send my father-mother to Haj, the second is I want to meet Shah Rukh Khan and third, I want to see Salman Khan.”

“Salman Khan is now like my brother, like my bada bhai, now I want to meet Shah Rukh Khan. You know I love him so much, when I was small, I used to watch all Shah Rukh Khan movies and I know all Shah Rukh Khan songs and all of his movies,” he further added.

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Abdu Rozik has met Salman Khan in Bigg Boss 16  and it is reported that the Tajikistan singer will also feature in Bhaijaan’s upcoming film ‘Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan.’ Abdu’s words like ‘Very Chalak Bro’ and ‘Chota Bhaijaan’ are often chanted by his Indian fans.

After he expressed his wish of meeting SRK, netizens supported him in the comments box. He was also recently seen outside SRK’s Mannat holding a playing card in which he also mentioned his dreams.

He has also booked a full theatre to watch Badshah’s latest film Pathaan. He was dancing in the theatres to the song Jhoome Jo Pathaan to celebrate SRK’s movies’ success. Hope this cute singer’s wishes get fulfilled soon.