Mid-week elimination in Bigg Boss 17? SHOCKING details inside

Mumbai: Popular controversial reality show Bigg Boss 17 continues to enthrall its audience and keep them hooked to the screens. Two contestants — Manasvi Mamgai and Soniya Bansal have already got eliminated from the show. Currently, 17 contestants are in the game.

Now, fresh buzz suggests a potential mid-week eviction, with speculations pointing towards contestant Isha Malviya leaving the show.

While no official confirmation has been made, rumors suggest that Isha might step out of the Bigg Boss 17 house. The speculation stems from comments by Isha’s co-star from ‘Udaariyan,’ Lokesh Batta. In conversation with Pinkvilla, he revealed that Isha’s parents, particularly her mother, are disappointed with her behavior on the show. They were reportedly unaware of Isha’s relationship with her boyfriend Samarth Jurel and are unhappy about their intimacy being displayed on national television.

Lokesh explained, “Isha’s parents are quite upset with her stint in the show. Her father, who works in a government firm, is also disappointed. Her mother wasn’t aware of her relationship with Samarth Jurel.” Furthermore, Isha’s parents seem uncomfortable with the physical proximity between Isha and Samarth, to the extent that they allegedly wish for her to exit the show.

They are reportedly finding it difficult to watch the show due to this newfound dynamic.

The speculation about Isha’s potential mid-week exit remains unconfirmed. Only time will reveal the actual outcome, leaving viewers and fans on the edge of their seats to see how this unfolds in the upcoming episodes of Bigg Boss 17.

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