More than Rs 10 crore loss for Samantha Ruth Prabhu?

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Hyderabad: Tollywood actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu, known for her stellar performances recently made headlines when she turned down a big offer from a noted producer. The offer included not only fancy pay but also a substantial share in the film’s profits. While such deals are common in the industry, Samantha’s refusal to accept this tempting proposition speaks volumes about her determination and vision.

According to industry insiders, a producer approached Samantha with an enticing proposal. He was willing to pay her a hefty sum and sweetened the deal by offering her a 25% share in the film’s profits. The combined value of these benefits could have easily exceeded Rs. 10 crore. However, Samantha stood her ground and declined the offer.

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What sets Samantha apart is her unwavering commitment to her own dreams. Instead of chasing big paychecks, she has her sights set on establishing her own production house. For over six months, she quietly discussed her plans with close friends and advisors. Her decision to decline the producer’s offer was a strategic move—one that aligns with her long-term vision.

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Samantha’s determination to launch her own banner is commendable. She recognizes the need to capitalize on her growing popularity across India. By venturing into production, she aims to create meaningful content that resonates with audiences. Her upcoming action film, “Maa Inti Bangaram,” will mark the beginning of her journey as a producer.

Meanwhile, on the professional front, Samantha is currently working on the movie ‘Maa Inti Bangaram.’ Fans eagerly anticipate her performance in this film, as well as her upcoming role in the highly anticipated Indian adaptation of the international series “Citadel,” titled “Citadel: Honey Bunny.”

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