‘MTV Roadies’: Prince Gang member Prem smashes eggs on everyone’s heads

Mumbai: The egg task in ‘Roadies’ is complete, and in a bizarre twist, every single Gang has got one golden egg, meaning each Gang member who didn’t get a golden egg, had their heads decorated with smashed eggs. The two biggest egg smashers this time were Prem and Himanshu.

Prem from the Prince Narula Gang took to smashing eggs on pretty much everyone’s heads, as he was tasked to do, decorating everyone’s hair yellow and white.

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People became slightly hostile to this gesture, though Prem being the somewhat happy-go-lucky guy he is, just said that it was a task that he was ordered to do, so animosity in the field was not needed.

He also proceeded to joke about how God has a lot of ‘prem’ towards Prem which led to him being spared the egg smashing. The rest of the contestants were also quite enjoying themselves, though still had some revulsion.

After all, no one likes egg smashing. Apart from that, Himanshu also came up to paint up people’s heads with eggs as he was one of the winners, but it seems that Prem really is loved by God, because when his time came, the egg slipped from Himanshu’s hand and broke while nothing happened to Prem.

Himanshu too ended up joking about it, how Prem really seemed to be the luckiest one in the whole roster of ‘Roadies’ contestants, because nothing much bad has really happened to him. Not to mention, he was able to smash eggs and did not suffer any repercussions.

Right now, things are headed off to an interesting start as the reigns of victory have slipped from the Prince Gang to the Gautam Gulati Gang, and nobody really knows what to expect.

But even amidst such unpredictability, at least everyone is still in a good mood.

‘MTV Roadies: Karm Ya Kaand’ airs on MTV and JioCinema.