‘My wife is thinking of leaving me,’ Emraan Hashmi

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Mumbai: Emraan Hashmi, the name brings to mind pictures of intense roles, smoldering gazes, and a certain enigma that has made him stand out in Bollywood. He is often called the “Serial Kisser” because of his daring on-screen image. In an industry that loves extravagant stories, Hashmi has created his own space.

In a recent interview with Janice Sequeira, the actor made a surprising confession: he has been eating the same meal every single day for the past two years. The actor shared that his wife has been jokingly “threatening” to divorce him because she can’t stand his boring food choices.

“My wife is thinking of leaving me. She keeps threatening me but has not done it yet. She doesn’t what I eat and I’ve been following this particular diet for two years. The salad has avocado, brussels sprouts, lettuce, rocket leaves… Then I have keema and sweet potatoes. This is both meals, lunch, and dinner,” he said.

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Emraan revealed that he does not eat the same food as his family. However, his wife is unhappy with his meal plan. The actor admitted that although this diet can be dull at times, he follows it anyway because along with daily exercise sessions; there’s something specific about wanting a certain kind of physique

“Just switch to sweet potatoes. So I’ve two staple meals every day and I’ve the same thing, every year. It’s extremely boring but I’ve chicken keema, because it’s kind of easy to digest, and it’s boiled. Then I’ve salad and sweet potatoes. My cook stocks it, makes it for like an entire week and we bifurcate through the day,” he revealed.

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