Natasa Stankovic’s new friend fuels Hardik split rumors

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Mumbai: The entertainment industry is abuzz with the latest developments in the personal life of Serbian model and actress Natasa Stankovic. Recently, Natasa was spotted with a mysterious companion, which has fueled the ongoing rumors regarding her marriage to Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya.

The couple, who have been a staple in the celebrity circuit, are facing speculation about a potential split. Social media has been rife with discussions ever since Natasa removed the ‘Pandya’ surname from her Instagram handle, a move that did not go unnoticed by eagle-eyed netizens.

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Adding to the intrigue, Natasa was seen at a popular Mumbai restaurant with a ‘mysterious guy’, later identified by some reports as Aleksandar Alex, who is rumored to be the boyfriend of Bollywood actress Disha Patani. This public appearance has set tongues wagging, with many fans expressing their dismay and jumping to conclusions about her relationship status.

Despite the intense scrutiny and the rumors, both Natasa and Hardik have remained silent on the matter. This silence has only served to amplify the curiosity and concern among their followers, who are eager for clarity on the situation.

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