Nayanthara heading for divorce? Here’s what sources said

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Chennai: Nayanthara, a well-known actress from South India, starred in the movie Jawan with Shah Rukh Khan in 2023. She married film director Vignesh Shivan in June 2022 and they had twin boys together just four months later. The couple frequently shares glimpses of their happy family life on social media – but fans began to wonder whether everything was okay between them after Nayanthara posted something cryptic online recently.

Nayanthara & Vignesh Shivan: Stronger Than Ever Despite Rumors

However, contrary to the rumors, Nayanthara and Vignesh are not experiencing any difficulties in their relationship. A source spoke to Hindustan Times and disclosed that there are no problems between the two at all. On the contrary, the couple is doing very well and is enjoying life together with their two children immensely. The source said:

“Contrary to the reports, the couple is not going through a tough time. Instead, they are going strong, and enjoying as well as cherishing every moment spent with their kids- Uyir and Ulagam, who have brought them closer in so many ways.”

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Last week, Nayanthara’s fans observed that she had unfollowed her husband, Vignesh, on Instagram. A Reddit user posted a screenshot of this on the platform for discussion purposes, and soon after, rumors about their marriage being in trouble started circulating widely. The situation became even more concerning when the actress shared an enigmatic message via her Instagram stories. The post read as follows:

Social Media Mystery: Nayanthara & Vignesh Shivan Spark Buzz with Unfollow Move 

The report also stated that Nayanthara had unfollowed her husband, although the reason for this is still unknown. According to an insider, some speculated it could be a publicity stunt while others thought there might have been a technical error. Regardless, once she became aware of the situation, the actress promptly re-followed him. The source included:

Nayanthara unfollowed her husband and posted a cryptic quote
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“It’s true that Vignesh was removed from her follower list, and the reason behind it is very convoluted. Some people believe that they are planning to launch a joint product together, and the step was to create a pre-buzz about it. Some believe that there was a technical glitch due to which he was removed from her follower list. She followed him back as soon as she got to know about the growing buzz and connotation around it.”

The couple, who tied the knot on June 9, 2022, in an intimate ceremony in Mahabalipuram, outside Chennai, welcomed twin children named Uyir and Ulagam in October through surrogacy.

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