Not Larissa Bonesi, Aryan Khan’s secret girlfriend is from Goa?

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Mumbai: In a fresh twist, rumours are swirling around Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan’s son, Aryan Khan, and his supposed romantic involvement with a mystery girl from Goa, diverting attention from previous speculations linking him to Brazilian model and actress Larissa Bonesi.

Yes, as per the latest buzz Aryan is not dating Larissa!

Reddit Post On ‘Aryan Khan’s Confirmed Girlfriend’

According to a viral post on Reddit, Aryan’s love life reportedly veers away from the limelight, as he is said to be dating a woman described as “half firangi” and not associated with the film industry. Allegedly, the couple has been spotted together in Goa, where they maintain a low profile during their outings, even going as far as requesting privacy from restaurant staff and avoiding CCTV cameras.

The Reddit post also claims that Aryan’s new flame, who is reportedly older than him by three to four years, hails from Goa and has connections to the local party scene.

Aryan Khan confirmed GIRLFRIEND
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While social media erupts with speculation, opinions are divided among users. Some criticize Aryan for purportedly using Larissa Bonesi’s name in all this matter to divert the topic, while others speculate that Larissa’s silence on the matter may indicate her involvement in the alleged PR spin.

However, no official confirmation has emerged from either Aryan Khan or his representatives.

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