Olivia Colman says that harassment by paparazzi forced her to leave her London home

Los Angeles: British actress Olivia Colman has narrated a spooky incident with the paparazzi in London.

Recalling the incident, she said that the constant gathering of the paparazzi in front of her house left her a wreck, forcing her to move to the countryside.

‘The Crown’ actress recalling the incident in an interview with British Vogue narrated the negative side of fame, and said: “We’ve moved to the countryside, and it’s lovely.”

She added: “It’s where I’m from. We never fell out of love with London. I love London, but it became difficult…Just a standing outside your front door, following you on the school run,” she told the publication according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Clarifying her definition of what she meant by paparazzi, the ‘Secret Invasion’ actress said: paparazzi, “Yeah. I was scared. At one point, there were two cars chasing us and I was having a sort of meltdown, terrified. I was crying and they were laughing.”

Before she became an Oscar winner, there were a few years when she didn’t work, having taken a hiatus and recalling that time, she said it was a blessing. For her, everything changed when her series ‘Broadchurch’ became a massive hit.

After gaining a lot of recognition for it, while grateful for the love and respect she got, Colman would often prefer to stay home because she didn’t think she was good at dealing with people noticing her on the street, and also because she is a more private person.

“People taking what they think is a sneaky photograph, it’s always obvious, you always know, and it’s awful. Don’t do it. It happened the other day at my kids’ school, a mum took one. You can’t even go: ‘Sorry, don’t do that’, as then they say, ‘I wasn’t! I didn’t!’ And then you look like a d***. It’s a shame. I wish I was braver, but I’m not.”

The ‘Puss in Boots: The Last Wish’ actress further added that she has great friends and is familiar with the area they live in, so she can go places where she won’t be bombarded by fans.

“I don’t tend to meet at restaurants,” Colman admitted.

“Unless you can have a little quiet place. Because you know… people.”

She acknowledged the respect that people gave her and said she’s grateful, but also wished for some privacy.