Paparazzo slams South stars as ‘Fake’; targets Tollywood stars

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Mumbai: In a recent turn of events that has sparked debate, Bollywood paparazzo Varinder Chawla has made some bold statements regarding the authenticity of South Indian cinema’s leading stars, including Vijay Deverakonda and Mahesh Babu.

The stars Known for their massive fan following and their portrayal of humility, these stars are now under scrutiny for what Chawla describes as “naklipan” or fakery.

Chawla’s allegations are from observations made during various public appearances and interactions with these celebrities. He points out instances such as Vijay Deverakonda’s casual approach to film promotions, where he appeared in slippers, which Chawla interprets as a deliberate attempt to seem humble. Similarly, a video capturing Jr NTR’s unexpected outburst has been cited as evidence contradicting the star’s usually calm demeanor.

Paparazzo slams South stars as ‘Fake’; targets Tollywood stars
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“To be honest, I think woh log naklipan karte hai (they indulge in fakery). They act like that only for the camera. There was an actor who would appear in slippers during the promotions of the film to deliberately pretend to be humble in front of the camera,” he said. And when the hosts asked if he was talking about Vijay Devarakonda, he nodded. He then added, “Recently, my team shot a video of a big South star, who is normally very quiet. He was going inside the hotel when he snapped at my team member. I didn’t put it, but the other photographer who had also shot it uploaded it.” Although he didn’t use Jr NTR’s name, but a video of the star losing his cool recently surfaced on social media.

Adding to the controversy, Mahesh Babu’s comments at the event of the film Major in Bengaluru have also been highlighted. The Telugu superstar’s dismissal of Bollywood, asserting that the Hindi film industry cannot afford him, has been recognized as a stark contrast to his public image.

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“He was openly saying we don’t need Bollywood; they can’t afford me. I thought what is this attitude? I do feel woh naklipan zyada hai. They compare Bollywood… but here at least the actors aren’t fake. They are seen how they are if they are getting angry, that’s public as well,”

The entertainment industry is no stranger to such controversies, and the reactions have been varied. While some agree with Chawla’s observations, others defend the stars, attributing their actions to personal choices rather than a facade.

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