Past Blast: Here’s why Trisha broke her engagement

Hyderabad: Love can be a rocky road, and even the strongest of couples can hit a stumbling block they can’t overcome easily.

This appears to be the case with actress Trisha and her ex-beau Varun, a couple who was set to marry after a lavish engagement ceremony on January 23, 2015. However, to everyone’s shock, Trisha had shared in May 2015 that she had ended her engagement with Varun.

According to reports, the couple cited two main reasons for their split, both of which appear to clash with expectations. On the one hand, Varun’s family, the Bussines family, was reportedly dissatisfied with his decision to marry Trisha, believing that he would find a partner from a similar background. Trisha, on the other hand, thought Varun was a control freak because he allegedly demanded her to give up on her acting career after they got married.

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These issues appear to have come to an end, with heated arguments causing the couple to drift apart. The final straw, according to reports, was an ugly spat between the couple over the guest list on the day of their engagement party. With tensions already high in the couple’s lives, the presence of actor Dhanush, with whom Varun reportedly has issues, has only added fuel to the fire.

While the couple has chosen to keep their split private, rumours about it continued to circulate and new theories emerged on a regular basis. Some believed that Trisha and Varun were simply not meant to be together, while others believed there were other factors.

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On the work front, Trisha was last seen in Ponniyin Selvan – 2.