Pregnant Dipika Kakar diagnosed with gestational diabetes

Mumbai: Popular TV actress Dipika Kakar who is expecting her first child has been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. In her recent vlog, Dipika gave an overview of how and why gestational diabetes occurs. The actress also spoke about its symptoms and cure.

Dipika Kakar is currently in her third trimester and said that there is a potential risk of developing gestational diabetes during this time of pregnancy. She said , “I did a gestational challenge test. Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes, which develops in 24-28 weeks of pregnancy. In the recent reports, my blood sugar level was quite high.”

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Dipika Kakar explained how she developed this disease. She said that gestational diabetes doesn’t happen according to what you ate in the last months. As the baby and placenta grow, it releases many hormones. These hormones cause insulin resistance and that is the reason you develop gestational diabetes. She further said that many pregnant women develop this and she is one among them.

The actress also shared how this disease can be controlled. She advises not to consume sugar, bakery, dates, rice, sweets and eat certain fruits like apples, pear. She also added that exercise is very important to control this disease.

She said, ”Dipika spoke about the process of the gestational challenge test and said, “I have been given proper medicines. I have been told to make a few lifestyle changes. I also bought a machine to test the sugar level after every meal.”

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