‘Publicity stunt, Poonam Pandey is alive,’ confirms KRK

Mumbai: In a shocking turn of events on Friday, fans and the entertainment industry were taken aback by the reported demise of Poonam Pandey due to cervical cancer. The news, initially shared on her Instagram handle by manager Parul Chawla, was later confirmed by various news portals. She was 32 and reportedly breathed her last in her hometown Kanpur, UP.

And now, controversial critic Kamaal Rashid Khan, known as KRK, made a startling claim on his Instagram account, asserting that Poonam Pandey’s death was a publicity stunt and that she is alive.

Sharing a picture Poonam Pandey, KRK wrote, “Her death news is a publicity stunt. Poonam Pandey is alive.”

This shocking information has left fans in a state of confusion, awaiting official confirmation to clarify the situation.

Adding to the confusion and twist, Poonam Pandey’s family, including her sister, remains unreachable. According to a latest report in India Today, a source close to the actor-model, attempted to contact Poonam’s sister but she is currently unreachable. The family’s residence in Kanpur is reportedly locked, and there is no one present at the house.

The unfolding events have created an air of mystery surrounding Poonam Pandey’s reported death, with fans and the public eagerly awaiting official statements to bring clarity to the situation.