Pushpa 2: ‘Bigger & Masala-Filled,’ Says Rashmika Mandanna

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Hyderabad: Telugu actress Rashmika Mandanna, best known for her stellar performance in the blockbuster film Pushpa: The Star cast alongside Allu Arjun of the next-big-thing, Pushpa: The Rule, is now releasing new news about the much-awaited sequel.

Mandanna revealed fans’ hints about the upcoming sequel in a recent interview with Pinkvilla, promising them that it will be “massive” in every way. She revealed, “One thing I am going to promise is that it’s going to be massive. We are halfway through. We were just shooting a massive song sequence and when I will go back, I will be shooting another song.”

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Mandanna increased expectations by teasing an upcoming release plan for Pushpa 2, including the possibility of a simultaneous release in Japan. She stated,  “We might release Pushpa 2 in Japan on the same day of the release. We are having those conversations.”

Recalling the moment when she joined the cast and the crew again, Mandanna expressed her excitement and stated that the relationship between the members of the first movie’s cast becomes like home in the sequel. She enthused, “It starts feeling like home. When you finish one film and towards the end of the film get really connected with the cast and crew. Then, when you have part 2 coming, you’re like, ‘Yayy’.”

About the progress of her character in Pushpa 2, Mandanna highlighted fascinating turns and turns, revealing, “My role in Pushpa 2 is that now she has become the wife and with becoming the wife of Pushpa, there are still some responsibilities to carry. In Pushpa 2, there is a lot more drama and bigger conflicts that we are facing as characters. It’s going to be a lot more masala in part 2.”

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