Pushpa 2 makers might face Rs 40 crore loss: Report

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Hyderabad: Pushpa 2, starring Allu Arjun, is one of the most eagerly awaited films in India. The excitement among fans is palpable, but there have been several delays that have left fans disappointed. Recently, the film, which was initially set for an Independence Day release, was pushed back again. 

The first part of “Pushpa” was released at the end of 2021 and was a massive success. Mark by this success, the filmmakers were keen to start working on the sequel immediately. The script and other pre-production work began early, but the actual shooting started later than planned. Even after the shooting began, there were numerous delays due to various reasons.

Initially, Allu Arjun’s illness and director Sukumar’s decision to reshoot certain portions were cited as reasons for the delays. However, the most recent delay has been attributed to Fahadh Faasil. While there were multiple factors, Fahadh’s availability was a significant issue.

According to a report from Telugu 360, Fahadh had set aside time in January and February for “Pushpa 2.” However, changes in the shooting schedule by Sukumar meant these dates went unused, leaving Fahadh upset. Given his busy schedule with other projects, finding new dates for “Pushpa 2” reportedly became challenging for him.

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Fortunately, Fahadh has recently managed to allocate new dates for the film. Despite this, the release has been postponed to December 6th. The same report said that this delay is expected to cost the producers around Rs. 40 crores or more.

Fans are eagerly awaiting Pushpa 2, and despite the setbacks, the anticipation remains high. With the new release date, everyone is hopeful that the wait will be worth it, and “Pushpa 2” will live up to the high expectations set by its predecessor.

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