Pushpa 2: Villan Fahadh Faasil’s per day earnings revealed

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Hyderabad: Fahadh Faasil has emerged as a great talent, captivating audiences not only as the antagonist in the Telugu blockbuster Pushpa but also through his compelling performances in OTT movies. Known for his acting and ability to bring complex characters to life, Faasil has become a household name, transcending the regional boundaries of the Malayalam film industry.

The buzz around Pushpa 2 has been building, particularly regarding the remunerations of its leading figures. There’s a keen interest in the compensation that Fahadh Faasil will command for his role. It is reported that Faasil, aligning with the practices of many Tollywood actors, has opted for a daily fee structure. 

While top character actors in the industry charge between five to ten lakhs per day, Faasil’s rate stands at an impressive twelve lakhs per day, according to the latest report in Great Andhra.

An interesting aspect of this arrangement is the clause concerning cancellations. As per the report, even if the shoot is postponed after scheduling, actors like Faasil are still compensated for that particular day. Moreover, if Faasil travels to Hyderabad for a shoot that is subsequently canceled, he is said to charge an additional two lakhs on top of his standard fee.

Pushpa 2: The Rule Release Date

Despite the delays, there has been no official confirmation from director Sukumar or the film’s cast about the new release date, leading to widespread speculation among fans and media outlets. A latest report in Mirchi 9 suggests that Pushpa 2 is now aiming for a December release. Interestingly, Pushpa 1: The Rise also released in December 2021. However, an official announcement is still awaited.

Two songs from Pushpa 2 have already been released. Typically, the best songs from a movie are released first, raising concerns that they might lose their freshness by the time the movie finally hits theaters.

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