Rakhi Sawant denies accepting Islam post Umrah, netizens demand action against her

Mumbai: Rakhi Sawant is making headlines once again, and like always, it’s for a whirlwind of controversies. First, her marriage to Adil Khan Durrani raised many eyebrows, and now, her recent pilgrimage to Umrah is causing quite a stir.

After returning to Mumbai, Rakhi Sawant’s controversial statements and striking appearances have kept the spotlight firmly on her.

In a recent video that is going viral on Instagram and has stirred the pot, Rakhi is seen denying accepting Muslim religion following her Umrah.

Speaking to media, the former Bigg Boss contestant said, “Dekhiye mein aap sabko batana chahti hun k meine Muslim dharm ko nahi apnaaya hai. Meri shadi Adil Khan Durrani se hui hai. Mera Nikah hua hai. Mein Rakhi Sawant Bollywood mein hun, waise abhi Fatima Adil Khan Durrani hun.”

This statement of hers has irked social media users now who are now calling for strict action to be taken against her. Additionally, she also asserted that she and Adil are still married and haven’t gotten a divorce yet, further fueling the media frenzy around her. “Abhi Adil se mer talaq nahi hua hai,” she said. Watch the video below.

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Netizens are slamming her for disrespecting Islam. One social media user said, “Strict action should be taken against her by the Islamic board in india and by the Saudi government as she has violated the sacred place Makkah as she’s clearly saying that she has not accepted the Muslim faith. How did she enter Masjid Al-Haram? How can we stay quiet at her actions? I want her to get punished for the mockery she’s making of Islam.”

Another wrote, “This is so disgusting, this is so ridiculous.. Astaghfirullah! How can these type of people played with religions and their purity just a some shitty attention.. Like seriously! How can even Saudi government allow such people to enter in that sacred place Makkah Shareef?”

“@saudinews50 kindly look into this a non-Muslim can’t perform umrah… she accept she’s not Muslim,” a third user wrote.

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