Rakhi Sawant suffering from cancer? Big revelation about her health

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Mumbai: Rakhi Sawant’s ex-husband, Ritesh Raj Singh, has disclosed that the actress and reality TV star is currently facing a serious health challenge. According to Singh, doctors have found a tumour in Sawant’s uterus and suspect it might be cancerous.

Rakhi Sawant, known for her vibrant presence on television and in Bollywood, was admitted to the hospital on May 14 after experiencing chest and stomach pains. According to the latest reports from News18, following a series of tests, the medical team discovered the tumour, leading to concerns about a possible cancer diagnosis.

Singh, who was introduced to the public as Sawant’s husband during her stint on the reality show Bigg Boss 15.

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“She was admitted to the hospital last night after she complained of chest pain. Doctors are looking after her. They have discovered a tumour in her uterus. She had pain in her stomach too. Doctors have suspected that it might be cancer. Tests are being done. Doctors have proposed surgery but they want to check first if it is cancer or not.”: Ritesh told to News18

The medical team is currently conducting further tests to confirm the nature of the tumour and determine the appropriate course of action. Singh mentioned that while surgery has been proposed, the doctors are proceeding with caution until they have a definitive diagnosis.

The news has sent shockwaves through Sawant’s supporters, with many taking to social media to express their concern and support for the actress. Singh has called for prayers and positive thoughts for Sawant’s speedy recovery.

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