Rakhi Sawant’s boyfriend Adil Khan gets married?

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Rakhi Sawant knows how to be in the headlines, be it for her relationship news or some controversial statement. She is currently dating a businessman from Mysore – Adil Khan Durrani. Every now and then, we see Rakhi dropping adorable videos with her boyfriend.

Ever since they made their relationship official, Rakhi Sawant has been at loggerheads with Adil Khan’s ex-girlfriend Roshina who often spreads fake rumors about the couple.

Recently, Roshina had taken to her Instagram story to share a message about her marrying Adil Khan. Since then, the news has gone crazy viral.

Well, yesterday Rakhi Sawant conducted a live session on Instagram to clarify all the rumors.

Rakhi said, “Let her bark, Mera Adil mera hai and woh mujhe sacha pyaar karta hai. Adil dhokebaaz nahi hai.”

Rakhi Sawant further added, “All girls are after Adil because he’s smart and handsome. Roshina is doing a publicity stunt. Jaanboojh ke mujhe chhedne ki koshish karti hai, bewdi hai ek number ki. Khud ko Muslim kehti hai aur drugs, daaru karti hai. Don’t talk about Roshina and upset me. Adil doesn’t talk to her, doesn’t call her. She keeps putting posts on her own.”

Rakhi came live from her hospital room where she is currently healing after her recent surgery. In the live session, she also praised Adil Khan for staying by her side during her tough times.